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Our services:

  • Drilling, completion, testing and workover works for oil, gas and underground water (geothermal, mineral, drinkable) wells;
  • Drilling and completion of salt and CO2 wells;
  • Providing geological and geophysical prospecting services (seismic, especially);
  • Borehole, geophysical investigation (open hole and casing hole: production logging, casing inspection, cement quality, reservoir monitoring), mud logging units, direction drilling services-survey, log analysis and perforating services;
  • Cementing, testing, stimulation, etc. jobs, for oil, gas and underground water wells;
  • Waterproof processes and draining, in wells;
  • Control of blow up phenomena;
  • Manufacturing and repairing of 15 – 220 tf workover and drilling rigs, stationary and selfpropelled, equipment and tools necessary for drilling or workover activity;
  • Non-destructive control of drill pipes and repair operations through workshops;
  • Production of mud materials for drilling fluids, preparation and maintenance of those, treatement of residues;
  • Services and surveier for directional wells;
  • Manufacturing handlings and fishing tools for drilling rigs, oil and gas wells;
  • Manufacturing production equipment, separators, oil fields equipment, tanks, oil fuels modules;
  • Manufacturing complete accommodation containers for camps (bedrooms, toilettes, offices, meeting halls , snack-bars, canteens), steel structured buildings and assembled at site;
  • Surface works at location (platforms, roads, strengthening ground, mud pits, cellar, etc.);
  • Mounting of electric lines for low and high tension, including 110 kV, electric drives equipment based on power electronic and microelectronic, low and high currents sources, D.C. and A.C. variators;
  • Mounting of pipe lines for gas and fluids (oil, water) – low and high pressure inclusive underground cross;
  • Manufacturing and mounting pipe line, internal plastic coatiges, for corosive fluids (registered mark);
  • Repairs for Diesel motors (25-1500 hp);
  • Repairs for excavating machines, bulldozers, cranes and earthworking machinery;
  • Special means of transportation regarding the oil and gas activity (by track, train and vessel);
  • Drawing up technical and economical studies and engineering well designs drilling, completion and workover works connected as regard the research and well stimulation jobs, including projects for other associated drilling activities such us (platforms, roads, electric lines, etc.);
  • Prospecting and production works of minerals and useful rocks;
  • Manufacturing oil field equipment (cementing units, wellhead and christmas trees, valves and chokes and their spare parts);
  • Manufacture of goods from metallic wire: steel fibers, steel shot, steel wool and powder, for shot peening and cold-hammering;
  • Renting and repairing tubes material (pipes), repairing threaded joints and making non-destructive control;
  • Alternative energy area trough using heat from earth, named “the heat-cold pump” system;
  • Manufacturing flexible pipe hoses for drilling Rotary, etc.;
  • Operating, maintenancing and repairing for equipment of drilling and production from platforms boards.

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