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    The majority of the Romanian Companies specialized in drilling works for oil, gas, underground waters and their auxiliary services, as well as construction of oil equipment, are included in the Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors (ACFR).
Romanian Association of Drilling Contractors (ACFR) was established in 1994 by 22 of the private drilling companies taken off from the Ministry of Oil. Currently ACFR includes 55 companies, of which 11 are from USA, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Norway and other countries. ACFR is a juridical person of private law and it is a professional and master, autonomous and non-profit organisation. ACFR is member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors – IADC, the International Society of Oil Engineers – SPE, both of them with headquarters in Houston-USA, as well as member of the Association of Oil and Gas Engineers.
ACFR, through its Executive Director, is representative of Romania in ISO, TC 67 Standardization Committee – specialized in oil field and also, is member of Romanian Association of Standardization – ASRO and member of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCIR and Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCIB.
ACFR permit, to those involved in the industry of profile, to explore new opportunities and to find new media of communication with Romanian authorities and with international organizations.
An essential characteristic is the fact that ACFR has an integrated activity from seismic prospecting works up(to) drilling and exploitation of oil deposits and underground waters, manufacture of whole range of necessary equipment for oil industry, including auxiliary works too.
In reality, the companies members of ACFR are carrying out, mainly, the drilling works and work-over for oil, gas, underground waters (geothermal, mineral, industrial and drinkable), including the auxiliary services for: seismic activity, tubing operating, geophysics cementing, operations with liquid nitrogen, treatment acid and stimulation, consolidations and packings, DST tests, oil and fuels tanks, three phase separation and collecting stocks, fabrication of drilling rigs, work-over and services of 25-250 tf capacity, tools and equipment specific for the activity, including apparatus specific for drilling fluids, diamond bits and PDC, drilling and extraction tools, on-shore and off-shore systems for preventing eruptions, control panels for blow-out preventer, aerial and underground electric lines, including 110 Kv, manufacture of components for electronic power – used in generating and distribution of electric energy, including SCR and SDACR at drilling rigs, as well as access roads development and well platforms, rendering lands in circuit, consolidations, special land-carriage and shipment, etc.
An important sector is meant to elaboration of technical and techno-economical studies, including execution of well program for drilling, completion and sampling of drilling works and their stimulation, etc.
Another activity is meant to repair and to update rigs and equipment, including the diesel engines of 30-1500 HP and those electric, as well as to construction equipment, etc.
The companies’ members of ACFR are involved in works execution, in our field of activity, in: Libya, Iraq, Tunisia, Zambia, Congo, Bulgaria and other countries.
Based on the existing trends in the field, on international market, the companies members participate to the Governmental Economic Missions, which have as purpose projects of economic cooperation, by promotion of high techniques and technologies.
The main prerogatives of the Association are linked by the presentation, sustaining and protection of associated members in the relations with public authorities, professional organisations, other master organisations, juridical institutions, etc., both on national and international plan.
ACFR initiate activities regarding the improvement of standards in this field. We are mentioning the participation, in March 2007, at the European and International Meeting ISO in Bucharest, event subventionned by some companies’ members of ACFR. At this meeting it was presented a study, which was the base for the proposals of modification the drill pipes standard. This study is named “Study of fundamental research by the analysis of the finite element and photo elasticity” and it was drawn up by ACFR and the University of Oil and Gas from Ploiesti.
ACFR is initiating actions regarding the improvement of technical-material endowment, as well as the preparation and certification of the personnel from the companies’ members. In this respect, we underline the collaboration with the University of Oil and Gas from Ploiesti.
In the last period, the endowment with modern drilling rigs DRILL MAC –Italy (MR 7000 and 8000) or UPET Targoviste – TD 160, TOP DRIVE equipment, centrifugals (414 and 518 type), screens SWACO, MONGOOSE type, SCR, flocculation stations, MARTIN-DECKER or SMART apparatus, mud pumps – 1000 and 1300 HP triplex type and others.


The main orientations of the ACFR members’ activity, direct or indirect, immediately or in perspective, are:

  • Their implication in the maintenance and development of hydrocarbons production, in the reserves increase due to a very good geological research;
  • Re-evaluation of the oil-gas zones, including the peripherical reserves, too;
  • The optimizing of drilling services and the stimulation of drilling re-entry, by increasing the depth of the existing boreholes, in order to exploit the areas with small permeability, low productivities, especially in the gas field, the directional drilling - including horizontal drilling.


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